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Best Tall Building Asia & Australia Finalist: Lotte World Tower



Vertical Village as National Symbol


Joining the ranks of the world’s top ten tallest buildings, the 123-story Lotte World Tower rises to 555 meters and offers one of the world’s most complex stack of mixed-use programs. The development is a groundbreaking example in the search for how to bring together the programmatic spectrum of the city into a “vertical village,” including a transit center, parking, a public square, a lakeside park, generous indoor public spaces, retail spaces, an aquarium, movie theaters, a concert hall, food and beverage establishments, healthcare facilities, rooftop gardens, conference spaces, office space, a hotel, residences, an observation deck, and even an artillery platform. A network of 121 elevators strings together this mind-bending array of programs.

As a major presence on the Seoul skyline, the building aspires to represent the sweep of Korean artistry and technology, referencing both the country’s artistic traditions and its prominence in the technology and electronics sector. The curved line of the building references the gracefulness of dynastic periods in Korean art, inspired by traditional Celadon ceramic vases, bowls, and cups.