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Seismic Performance Evaluation of Existing Buildings with Engineer-Based Computerized System

Seismic Performance Evaluation of Existing Buildings with Engineer-based Computerized System 

EESK J Earthquake Eng, Vol.21, No.2, pp.105-114, March, 2017

Authors: Hwang, Sunwoo ・ Kim, Dongyeon ・ Kim, Taejin ・ Kim, Kyungtae


Nonlinear analysis for seismic performance evaluation of existing building usually takes 4~5 times more than linear analysis based on KBC code. To obtain accurate results from the nonlinear analysis, there are a lot of things to be considered  for nonlinear analysis modeling. For example, reinforcing layout, applied load and seismic details affect behavior of structural members for the existing building.   Engineer-based computerized system was developed for engineers to evaluate effective seismic performance of existing buildings  with abiding by seismic design principles. Using the engineer-based program, seismic performance evaluation of reinforced concrete building was performed. Nonlinear hinge properties were applied with real time multiple consideration such as section layout, section analysis result, applied load and performance levels.  As a result, the building was evaluated to satisfy LS(Life Safety) performance level. A comparison between engineer-based and program-based results is presented to show how important the role of  structural engineer is or seismic performance evaluation of existing buildings.  

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