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Experimental Study of CFT Moment Connections Through Vertical Diaphragm

Experimental Study of CFT Moment Connections Through Vertical Diaphragm 

10th International Symposium on Steel Structures, November, 2019, Jeju

Authors: Kim, Kyungtae  Lee, KyungKoo ・ Kim, Young-Ki ・ Kim, Jong-Ho


This paper investigates structural characteristics of internal vertical diaphragm and overall structural strength of concrete filled tubular (CFT) column, particularly used in moment-resisting system during the top-down construction. CFT columns are hybrids that combine two materials in one member. They have the benefits of steel for high tensile strength and ductility and of concrete for high compressive strength and stiffness. In this report, analytical method of the flexural strength of vertical diaphragm to account moment transfer between panel zones is presented using yield line method. This method is also compared with traditional Korean Building Code. A set of monotonic tests with different diaphragm thickness and column flanges was conducted to verify the analysis. The strength and stiffness capacity were evaluated until the failure. Both analytical and experimental results showed good agreement that vertical diaphragm effectively alleviates the stress and strain concentration also maintain structural integrity at the column flange. 

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